Early Fishing

 stitched by the Southland Guild



From the guild
Whales (top left hand corner) were hunted and caught by the local Māori, and also immigrants from Scandinavia and America in the 1800s.
The different styles of fishing boats shows how the fishing industry has changed its craft, for both safety and economy. Blue cod, groper, flounder and many more varieties, and also shellfish including paua, mussels, kina, Bluff oysters (world famous) and crayfish are found in abundance around the southern coast. Muttonbirds (titi), also featured in the top left hand corner, were and still are harvested annually by the Maori on the Titi/Muttonbird Islands in Foveaux Strait. The Southland province is also known for wonderful trout fishing rivers. In the background the night sky is lit up by the southern aurora, a relatively common sight in those latitudes.

Artist: Alex Gilks

Names of embroiderers:
Lyn Barclay
Linda Batson
Heather Caughey
Pam Clay
Margaret Clymer
Noeline Collie
Jackie Coster
Leslie Dark
Ari Edgecombe
Pricilla Gear
Jan Gibb
A N Hurinui
Karen Jones
Rowena Larsen
Sheila Larsen
Di LightfootElaine Little
Betty Lumsden
Tania Mathews
Dorothy Moore
Lisa McIntosh
Margaret McIntosh
Mary Napper
Kerry Rodgers
Eleanor Shepherd
Betty Snell
Carol Ann Stratford
Rowena Stratford
Erin Streeter
Maralyn Thomson
Ngaire Webster
Christine Whitaker

Started: October 2016
Stitching completed: February 2017

Creative Communities, Invercargill City Council, ILT Foundation, Guild Sales Table, Community Trust of Southland, Creative Communities, Southland District Council.