Governor Grey

 stitched by the Warkworth Embroiderers Guild


From the guild

His home on Kawau Island became a botanical and zoological garden, a haven for the scholar he had become in his later life. He was notable for his knowledge of Māori and their customs.
During his first period as Governor he passed in to law the first constitution which lasted until 1986.

Artist: G Young

Names of embroiderers:
Barbara Allwood
Rosemary Burnby
Ella Canal
Sudan Clark
Carolyn Cooper
Raewyn Daisley
Jane Dawson
Viv Dorward
Julie Dowland
Katherine Farr
Sally Greenwood
Jill Haddow
Maxine Hatful
Anne Hughes
Jennifer Kirker
Dorothy Muir
Heather Pierce
Shirley Pigott
Shavaan Reace
Ann Sutherland
Julie Swift
Mona Townson
Judy Trewartha
Courtney Vaissiere
Pat Vaissiere
Val Waterhouse
Glenys Wild
Lynley Wild

Started: April 2017
Stitching completed: July 2018