Ports, Ships, and Sea Paths

 stitched by the Aoraki Embroiderers Guild


From the guild
The story of early NZ is one of ocean exploration. Māori on ocean-going waka (canoes) traversed vast distances from Polynesia, across wild seas to Aotearoa.
European explorers arrived several hundred years after the first waka, seeking ‘terra australis incognita’ (the unknown southern land) in the Pacific. Sealers,
whalers and missionaries followed, and a colony was gradually established. New Zealand’s coastline offered many challenges but also many safe harbours
and coves. Trade with Australia, Britain and Europe began early post-contact, and accelerated after the development of refrigeration

Artist: Alex Gilks

Names of embroiderers:
Bev Andrews
Ruth Armstrong
Marilyn Attewell
Jane Bell
Veronica Casey
Rosemary Chandler
Jill Chisnall
Pat Clark
Margaret Cornelius
Nola Cosgrove
Kate Cox
Esther Daly
Margaret Eunson
Elaine Falconer
Marian Galpin
Margaret Hacquoil
Jan Halford
Robin Hamilton
Donna Hardie
Joanna Hardie
Anne Howey
Jacky Jackson
Rosemary Lamb
Carol Lane
Joy Lindsay
Gwenneth Loomes
Mary Mackenzie
Pru Mason
Sally Marsh
Judy Marshall
Margaret May
Ethel McCambridge
Liz Mead
Judy Nally
Jackie Palmer
Sue Parmenter
Janice Postlewaight
Elaine Richardt
Rae RobinsonCynthia Scrivener
Elizabeth Small
Irene Tierney
Rebecca Toole
Fiona Vincent
Mary Vincent
Lesley Walker
Elaine Welford

Names of other stitchers
Paula Hucklesby, ANZEG Canterbury Regional Rep
Muriel Moffat, North Otago Guild
Sahiban Kanwal, Timaru Herald Reporter
Justin McLauchlan, Timaru Public Library Manager.

Started: February 2016
Stitching completed: July 2018

Sponsors: Mid and South Canterbury Trust