Sheep Farming

 stitched by the Central Hawkes Bay Guild


New Zealand’s first sheep were released in 1773. Wool was exported quite quickly then 1882 saw the first shipment of frozen meat.  Sheep farming has developed significantly from there, with different breeds for different types of country and use. Romney is the most popular breed of sheep, though Merino have come into their own as a high country sheep, producing very fine wool. Sheep have passed  into folklore, with Wal and his dog from “ Footrot Flats’, a cartoon strip about a Hawke’s Bay sheep farmer.

Artist: Alex Gilks

Name of embroiderers:
Pam Ballantyne
Bridget Bell
Barbara Bird
Jill Cooper
Bridget Gibbs
Elizabeth Gunsor
Anne Hoskins
Gill Irvine
Beth Limt
Rosie Poulton
Jude Redmond
Margaret Robinson
Anthea Simmonds
Shirley Stubbs
Cathy Thomson

Started: May 2013
Stitching completed: September 2014

Sponsors: awaiting sponsorship