The Foundation of the University of Otago

 stitched by the Otago Guild


From the guild
This panel was completed for the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Otago. It shows the first three Professors, Duncan MacGregor, George Sale, and John Shand, alongside the first female medical graduates, the first female law graduate and the first Maori graduate. The University crest with University motto, Sapere Aude, which translates  to dare to be wise, is also on the panel. The original building, which is now used for administration, and some new buildings indicate the continuing expansion of the University.

Artist: G Young

Names of embroiderers:
Shirley Jaquiery
Margaret Kennedy
Jan Letts
Judy Mason
Barbara Smith
Jeanette Trotman

Started: January 2018
Stitching completed: May 2019

Sponsors: Otago Motor Trust